Our Delicious Menu

Chicken/Beef $6.99 | Shrimp $ 7.50 | Vegetables $5.99

S1 Tom Yum Soup
S2 Tom Kha Soup (with coconut milk)
S3 Wonton Soup $6.99
*Add noodle or veggies $3.00

DS1 Siao Mai (Pork) 4pcs $4.50
DS2 Har Gao (Shrimp) 4pcs $4.50
DS3 Golden Triangle (Shrimp) 5pcs $6.50


A1 Mango Salad with Satay Chicken $12.99
A2 Mango Salad $8.99
A3 Vietnamese Spring Roll $5.50
A4 Vegetarian Spring Roll $5.50
A5 Mango Cold Roll $5.99
A6 Grill Chicken Cold Roll $5.99
A7 Grill Beef Cold Roll $5.99
A8 Shrimp Cold Roll $5.99
A9 Veggie Cold Roll $5.99
A10 Crispy Tofu $5.99
A11 Fried Wonton (10pcs) $7.99
A12 Thai Cheese Wonton (8pcs) $7.99
A13 Calamari Rings $8.99
A14 Bangkok Wings (6pcs) $8.99
A15 Crispy Chill Shrimp $9.99
A16 Cam’s Rolls (Shrimps) 6 pcs. $6.99
A17 Grilled Satay Chicken $8.99

Served with vermicelli, bean sprout, cucumber, lettuce, radish and crushed roasted peanut on top

V1 Spring Rolls (2 rolls) $9.99
V2 BBQ Chicken $10.99
V3 BBQ Pork $10.99
V4 BBQ Beef $10.99
V5 BBQ Chicken and Spring Roll $11.75
V6 BBQ Pork and Spring Roll $11.75
V7 BBQ Beef and Spring Roll $11.75
V8 BBQ Chicken and Pork $11.75
V9 BBQ Chicken and Beef $11.75
V10 BBQ Pork and Beef $11.75
V11 BBQ Chicken, Pork and Spring Roll $12.75
V12 BBQ Chicken, Beef and Spring Roll $12.75
V13 BBQ Pork, Beef and Spring Roll $12.75
*Extra Meat $3.00

Regular $9.99 | Medium $10.99 | Large $11.99

P1 Pho Special
Beef flank, beef balls, rare beef & tripe
P2 Beef Flank
P3 Rare Beef
P4 Beef Balls
P5 Beef Tripe
P6 Flank and Rare Beef
P7 Flank and Beef Balls
P8 Flank and Tripe
P9 Rare Beef and Beef Balls
P10 Rare Beef and Tripe
P11 Pho Chicken (grilled chicken or white meat) $10.99 (medium size only)
P12 Wonton Noodle Soup w/ Vegetables & Tofu $10.99 (medium size only)
P13 Mixed Vegetables Noodle Soup w/ Tofu $10.99 (medium size only)
P14 Seafood Pho $12.99 (medium size only)



Served with rice, lettuce and radish

R1 Lemongrass Chicken $12.75
R2 Lemongrass Pork Chop $12.75
R3 Lemongrass Beef Steak $12.75
R4 Lemongrass Chicken and Pork Chop $12.75
R5 Lemongrass Chicken and Beef Steak $12.75
R6 Lemongrass Pork Chop and Beef Steak $12.75
R7 Lemongrass Chilli Chicken $12.75
R8 Lemongrass Chili Shrimp $14.00
*Add Egg $1.50, Extra Rice $1.50


Served with rice, lettuce and radish

RP1 Tango Mango Chicken $12.50
RP2 Sweet & Sour Chicken $12.50
RP3 General Thai Chicken $12.50
RP4 Honey Garlic Chicken $12.50
RP5 Sesame Chicken $12.50
RP6 Cashew Chicken $13.50
RP7 Cashew Beef $13.50
RP8 Black Pepper Beef $13.50
RP9 Crispy Ginger Beef $13.50
RP10 Crispy Chicken $12.75
RP11 Stir Fry Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetables $12.50


Chicken/Beef $13.00 | Shrimp $14.00 | Vegetables $12.50

FR1 Pineapple Fried Rice
FR2 Thai Basil Fried Rice
FR3 Singapore Fried Rice


Chicken/Beef $13.00 | Shrimp $14.00 | Vegetables $12.50

TN1 Surpryz Pad Thai
TN2 Curry Pad Thai
TN3 Thai Basil Stir Fry Rice Noodles
TN4 Crispy Chow Mein
TN5 Shanghai Noodles


Chicken/Beef $13.00 | Shrimp $14.00 | Vegetables $12.50

Served with rice, lettuce and radish

TC1 Thai Red Curry
TC2 Thai Green Curry
TC3 Malaysian Curry Brisket $14.00

M1 Avocado $4.99
M2 Mango $4.99
M3 Strawberry $4.99
M4 Banana $4.99
M5 Coconut $4.99
M6 Taro $4.99
M7 Pineapple $4.99
+ tapioca $0.50
Thai Iced Tea $3.99
Vietnamese Coffee Hot or Cold $3.99
Soft Drink $1.50